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Back Pain FAQs

Many back pain problems are caused by one or more problems occurring simultaneously. This can include stress, pinched nerves, overcompensating muscles, injuries, disc problems, and other conditions. Wrong or unnatural movements, such as those experienced in impacts, work accidents, or even playing sports, can contribute to upper and lower back pain. At Tatsuno Chiropractic, Inc., we help patients in and around the Bakersfield area alleviate find natural relief from their back pain and prevent it from reoccurring in the future.


What Causes Back Pain? 

Your back contains a complex infrastructure of muscles, tendons, bones, and other elements that help support your body and form a key part of your nervous system.  Muscles and ligaments can be damaged by excessive strain when you twist or extend them in unfamiliar ways. Regular muscle use helps keep them strong and ligaments flexible, but overuse can lead to various health issues.  

Minor misalignments or changes in your spine can also lead to intense pain or discomfort. These small changes may seem minor at first but can cause a chain reaction throughout the body that leads to other health problems in the musculoskeletal system. That's why it's crucial to seek chiropractic care for whatever back pain or discomfort you're experiencing to ensure your health does not worsen.

What Are Discs? 

Your spine contains padded discs which act as cushions between the vertebrae. They allow you to move without the joints grinding against one another or pinching the nerves around your spine. When one of those discs slips out of place or is damaged, your body will experience various health issues due to the injured or slipped disc. The most common symptoms are lower backaches or shooting pains in the leg.  

Why Do I Have Back Pain If I Wasn't in an Accident? 

The conditions which produce back pain don't have to be the result of an accident. For example, poor posture, stress, repeated minor strains, too much time in the car, or even the wrong mattress can lead to spinal alignment problems.  Sometimes back pain is triggered by conditions unrelated to accidents or strain. Osteoarthritis, scoliosis, shingles, and other health conditions can cause serious discomfort and limited motion in the back.  

What's the Chiropractic Solution for Back Pain? 

Pain relief is our main priority, but we also want to help maintain your body's overall health and performance. Our chiropractor will conduct a thorough analysis of your medical history and current health to create a treatment plan personalized to your needs.  We will work with you to better understand your lifestyle, work, and overall health goals to ensure you get the most out of your chiropractic care.    

Treatments for back pain may include spinal adjustments to reduce pressure on nerves or allow damaged discs to heal. We utilize massage therapy to improve blood flow and allow muscles to heal more efficiently. When we help our bodies to work as they're designed, health problems are eliminated naturally.  

Contact Us for Chiropractic Care for Back Pain in Bakersfield, CA  

Give us a call at Tatsuno Chiropractic, Inc. to begin your wellness journey. For over forty years, Dr. Matt has been committed to providing patients the care they need to live pain-free lives. Regardless of the cause of your pain or discomfort, our team will work with you to ensure optimal results. Contact our team by calling (661) 322-6021 to schedule your first consultation or to learn more about how we can help. 


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