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Nutrition and Detoxification

The Importance of Good Nutrition and Detoxification

While we think of chiropractic as being about maintaining the nervous system through spinal adjustments, it also is about enabling the body to achieve balance among all its systems. At Tatsuno Chiropractic in Bakersfield, CA, nutrition and detoxification go hand-in-hand with chiropractic adjustments to keep your body functioning at its best. 



Unfortunately, foods that are high in sugar or that are heavily processed tend to cause inflammation in the joints, among other problems. While chiropractic treatments can treat this inflammation, eating the right foods can get to the root of the problem. It can also keep your cardiovascular system operating smoothly, improve your immune system, and reduce the risk of diabetes.

A good diet should include foods that are high in fiber, such as pistachios, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and apples, and not those with lots of refined sugar or high trans-fat content. Vegetables and fruits are great for improving health as they provide vitamins and minerals our body needs and help the body to detox. Lean proteins are key to helping your body repair cells and make new ones. Good sources of protein are grilled or baked chicken and fish, lean beef, eggs, beans, nut butter, and some grains. Incorporating the right foods into your diet can make a difference in your health.


As part of everyday life, humans come into contact with chemicals in foods, the air, and in household products. These chemicals build up in your body over time. Small amounts of chemicals can cause fatigue, sleepiness, and lack of concentration. Larger amounts of them can cause depression and disease.

Chiropractic adjustments release toxins from your body. If the toxins in your body build up for far too long, you may experience headaches, night sweats, or diarrhea as your body expels the toxins. These symptoms will end after a few sessions with our Bakersfield, CA, chiropractor, however, and you will be more energetic and feel better. Regular adjustments are important to prevent toxin buildup. The more often you have adjustments, the less difficulty your body will have in expelling the toxins.

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