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Herniated Disc FAQs

Herniated discs can lead to severe pain that can last days, weeks, or even months. Worst of all, without the proper treatment, herniated discs can continue to get worse and greatly reduce your quality of life. Pain from herniated discs can be felt in every part of the lower or upper back and can make it difficult to complete daily activities. Fortunately, there is help available at Tatsuno Chiropractic, Inc. in Bakersfield, CA! Our chiropractor and the rest of our staff are here to help our clients find relief from herniated disc pain. Through comprehensive care, we can provide the most effective treatment for herniated discs.


What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is a condition in which the material inside the discs between the vertebrae in the spine begins to leak out. This fluid is known as nucleus pulpous. When this fluid leaks out into the surrounding areas, it begins to compress on the nerves near the spinal column.

What Causes Herniated Disc?

Herniated discs can affect anyone at any age and can occur in the upper back or lower back. Overuse injuries or injuries associated with twisting can all cause herniated discs to occur. People who work physically demanding jobs are more likely to develop herniated discs than those who do not.

What are the Symptoms of Herniated Disc?

Herniated discs can be mild in some people, leading to no symptoms at all. Other times, they can cause symptoms including pain in the lower and upper back, numbness and tingling in the lower extremities, or pain when twisting, sitting, or standing.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Our chiropractor will determine if your pain is associated with a herniated disc or another condition. They can do this by conducting physical exams and imaging tests that show the extent of your injuries. A chiropractor can then provide effective treatment, including spinal and manual adjustments. The most common treatment for herniated discs is spinal decompression therapy, which slowly pulls apart the spine, alleviating pressure from herniated discs and allowing the protruding disc material to return to its natural position.

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