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Back Pain

For some of us, the frequency and intensity of our back pain might be greater than for others. When patients visit us at Tatsuno Chiropractic, Inc. here in Bakersfield, CA, a large percentage of them are suffering from upper back pain in the cervical spine or lower back pain in the lumbar spine.


Our Conservative Approach to Back Pain Treatment

We treat neck upper and lower back pain without medication or surgery. Our patients prefer that approach. Both cervical and lumbar back pain ordinarily resolve with conservative chiropractic treatment. Range of motion is restored, too.

Back Pain and Musculoskeletal Disorders

When we treat a patient for back pain, we're primarily treating him or her for a musculoskeletal disorder involving the vertebrae, spinal discs, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Conditions or injuries involving these structures manifest themselves as headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain running down an arm and into a hand or pain across the lower back, into the buttocks, and running down a leg and into a foot.

Vertebral Misalignment

The chiropractic profession is based on the care and treatment of the spine, which consists of a complex system of vertebrae that support our bodies and allow us to walk, run, jump, and bend. Between the vertebrae are spinal discs that act as cushions for the spine. Many musculoskeletal injuries and conditions involve vertebrae that become misaligned. In turn, those misaligned vertebrae cause disc displacement that causes pressure on spinal nerve roots. The nerve roots become inflamed from that pressure, and pain results. Muscles react to that inflammation and pain by going into spasm. Range of motion then becomes limited.

Chiropractic Treatment for Musculoskeletal Disorders and Injuries

Our chiropractor treats musculoskeletal injuries and disorders by gently adjusting and realigning parts of the spine back to their intended positions. Adjunctive treatments might also be used, such as massage therapy, electronic muscle therapy, deep tissue ultrasound, trigger point therapy, or even specific home exercises.

Your Initial Visit

At the time of your first visit with us, you'll be examined and evaluated by our chiropractor. After that, we can discuss an individualized treatment plan just for you. For effective relief, more than one treatment may be required, but the frequency of your treatment will likely be reduced as you make progress.

Make an Appointment for Your Back Pain

Don't wait out your upper or lower back pain in the hope that it will resolve itself. It will likely worsen and get more difficult to treat. Rather than doing that, visit us right away at Tatsuno Chiropractic Inc. in Bakersfield, CA for an examination and evaluation. Our goal is to eliminate your pain and restore your full range of motion.


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