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Prenatal Chiropractic

Why Prenatal Chiropractic Care is Important for Expecting Mothers

Part of the objective of all chiropractic care is to achieve and maintain optimal musculoskeletal alignment. Proper alignment promotes better circulation, good posture, and good body mechanics, among other things. It is beneficial for everyone to receive chiropractic care at some point in life. But, there are certain events that should not go by without a visit to a chiropractic professional, such as pregnancy.


During the development of the baby in the womb, a mother’s body undergoes significant changes. These changes take a lot of energy and resources, and they can be exhausting for the mother to be, which is why prenatal chiropractic care at Tatsuno Chiropractic, Inc. in Bakersfield, CA, is so important.

What is Prenatal Chiropractic Care?

As mentioned, a pregnant woman’s body goes through many changes to create the best and healthiest environment for the baby to grow and develop. However, these physical changes can cause uncomfortable symptoms, pain, and discomfort, which makes the pregnancy unpleasant. Additionally, these changes can put an expecting mother at risk for serious complications such as a C-section delivery and breech birth. The purpose of prenatal chiropractic care is to help mothers to be better cope with the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy and reduce the chances of having a difficult delivery and invasive surgery.

What Can It Do for Expecting Mothers?

Prenatal chiropractic care can do so much for pregnant mothers. It can make the pregnancy healthier and more comfortable, reduce the labor and delivery time, and the following:

  • Reduce muscular tension and stress
  • Relieve pressure on nerves
  • Reduce nausea symptoms
  • Improve systemic function for better health
  • Reduce the chances of a breech birth
  • Alleviate joint, neck, and back pain
  • Help prevent a possible C-section delivery
  • Help establish pelvic balance so the baby can have as much space in the womb as possible to grow and develop

Prenatal Chiropractic Care is Gentle, Safe, and Effective

A chiropractor only uses gentle techniques when administering prenatal chiropractic care, and the methods are done on a specially designed table to accommodate the pregnant woman’s needs. Also, prenatal chiropractic care is safe and effective to ease the discomfort of pregnancy and to improve the well-being and health of both baby and mother.

Make Your Pregnancy Easier

To learn more about prenatal chiropractic care and to schedule your initial consultation with our chiropractor, get in touch with Tatsuno Chiropractic, Inc. in Bakersfield, CA. Our caring staff is ready to take your call. Our number is (661) 322-6021.


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